Giving into a little self-love and care doesn’t mean it has to be overtly luxurious, or even expensive for that matter. Take Sun Nails in Echo Park, for instance. There’s nothing hoity toity about this place; no flutes of champagne, no lingering pretension that makes you feel out of place in your sweats and certainly no decorum of feng shui dictating the aesthetic layout. Alternatively Sun Nails is, in all its modesty and warmth, the quintessential neighborhood spot for ladies (and men) of all ages and backgrounds to relax and get pampered.



Their staff of nail technicians are friendly, professional and take their time with each client. This was exceedingly true this particular Sunday evening when children were amongst the many patrons at the salon. Martha, an expecting mother, brought her two little girls for a final night of pampering before her due date the next day. Though these children were innately polite and well-behaved, the technicians were consistently patient and kind to them and doting on their TLC-deserving mother.



Sun Nails also offers reasonable upgrades and packages, such as the $3 spa upgrade where your upper body is massaged by a surprisingly powerful chair and your feet are simultaneously soaked in a soothing spa bath. We both opted for this and it was worth every penny. Furthermore, with their wide variety of polishes to choose from, getting creative is never a problem and in fact encouraged.



Arielle got the spa gel manicure and pedicure with Vincent and Mimi for a total of $55. When we first arrived, Vincent was finishing up with another client so Mimi started the much needed scrubbing, grooming, trimming and sanding process. What was unexpected was the incredibly generous foot and leg massage that wasn’t even an upgraded treatment. Soon after, Vincent did his polish magic. He is always consistent and his gel manicures have lasted at least two weeks and his gel pedicures an impressive month.



Ashley got the spa manicure and pedicure combo deal with Linda and Nancy for an insanely reasonable $25. Though the massage wasn’t nearly as epic as Mimi’s, they did a lovely, meticulous job on Ashley’s pedicure and multicolored manicure.



This unassuming, local jewel can get busy, so appointments are encouraged but not necessary. They accept credit cards, though tips are cash-only so make sure to have some on hand ahead of time to avoid the $2 ATM charge.

With the popularization of our neighborhood, it’s expected that prices may rise at local spots such as this. So make your appointments and enjoy these reasonable, quality services now before the Sun Nails secret gets out.