This is part 2 of our special ode to Echo Park’s vibrant street art. We collaborated with journalist and founder of Saw the Sign, Tiffany Hsu, pairing fashion and art to create these inspired images.


Under the Sea

Arielle channels her inner mermaid in front of United Oil’s aquatic Echo Park mural. Designed by Marla Sher, the whimsical underwater theme was inspired by United Oil owner Jeff Appel’s niece. Arielle is wearing a vintage dress and boots by Seychelles.

|| 1467 Sunset Blvd ||


Starlet of Bahia

Dressed to impress with moves that turn heads, Ashley makes the mambo look easy in front of Club Bahia‘s colorful, tropic mural. Ashley’s red dress is vintage with heels by Enzo Angiolini.

|| 1130 Sunset Blvd ||

In The Name Of Coffee

Buzzed off of Chango’s stellar brew and inspired by Axis’s cinematic mural, Ashley indulges voyeuristic impulses while Arielle daydreams and munches on mango. Arielle’s pants are by Love Tree and booties are by Steve Madden. Ashley’s leggings are from American Apparel, shoes from Sam Edelman and her blazer is from Daniel Rainn.

|| 1559 Echo Park Ave ||


Child’s Play

Tiffany knows a thing or two about having fun, especially when art like this mural by Pskaught at Yogala Studios is cheering you on. Tiffany’s necklace is by Forever 21 and her tee is from Target.

|| 1840 Echo Park Ave ||


UFOs and Rhinos

Ok, maybe it’s a helicopter taking over Los Angeles in this mural by Slug + Sigie!, but we like to imagine it’s a UFO.  And that rhinos wander wildly by the lake. Ashley is wearing a dress by Torn and boots by Puma.

|| 1932 Echo Park Ave ||