Novak is the quintessential Echo Park salon; the retrofied, edgy, punk sister, if you will, to its otherwise ritzy counterparts on the west side. With Pinterest-worthy decor gaining the admiration of vintage-loving hipsters alike, Novak creates a world where artistry is favored above all else. And this is further and more importantly apparent with the high quality of services offered by its talented crew of stylists lead by owner, Nikki Lorenzo.



Jumping early on the Echo Park resurgence bandwagon, Novak made its mark in May of 2o11 and has since built a loyal following in this fast-growing neighborhood.  They greet their clients with cheerful warmth and a choice of water, tea, coffee or beer, immediately inducting them as part of the Novak family. As a special holiday addition to their roster of services, gel and regular manicures will be offered through December by the ever-talented Merci.



These are no ordinary manis, however. Merci has a unique aptitude for detailed nail art, including fantastical holiday designs like Ashley’s spooktacular Halloween-themed googly eyes and Arielle’s Beetlejuice inspired gels. Other notable designs include the Dia de los Muertos skull, Jigsaw and the most adorable rendition of the black, Halloween cat.



Merci, like all the stylists at Novak, takes her time with each client and with this perfectionistic finesse reaps beautiful results. Results, we might add, that last an impressive amount of time — Novak’s Amy Moon sported almost perfect, 2-week-old gels by Merci.

Though the caliber of Novak’s hair team is unmistakable, this doesn’t sacrifice the often daring, cutting edge styles and colorings displayed by many of their patrons. Think pastel, rainbow, ombre, tortoise shell, layers, mohawks, bangs and beyond.



Whether it’s hair or nails, cut or color, ladies or gents, Novak delivers with precision and consistency unique to a city full of illusion and fad. Count on Echo Park — and its one-of-a-kind darlings like Novak — to continue this tradition. Make your appointment today, and don’t miss the unique pleasure of nails by Merci this holiday season.



For appointments: (213) 537 0563

Nails by Merci: Every Saturday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM through December

Location: 1360 Allison Ave, LA, 90026