It’s been almost a year since we started I, Echo Park, and amidst all the shoots and collaborations with our neighborhood’s amazing businesses, we’ve accumulated quite a wardrobe. Here are some of our favorite looks.

~ Ashley & Arielle


Sneak peek from our upcoming article with Rock Paper Salon featuring accessories by The Feathered HeadKaleidoscope Kollective and Spacedust. Arielle and Ashley are decked out in avant-garde hair by Rock Paper Salon and ancient queen inspired attire. Photo by Dana Tarr.


Arielle’s cool wheels from Al’s Cycle Shop in our Echo Park Street Art + Fashion collaboration with Saw the Sign.



80s vibes and our fiercest blue steel look in our feature on PWNshop and Button Mash.


Ashley plays with blue tones and patterns at Andante Coffee Roasters.


1950s vintage fashion paired with delicious pizza pies at Masa at Echo Park.


1970s disco vibes from our Echo Park Street Art + Fashion collaboration with Saw the Sign.



Ashley and Arielle trade real and faux fur coats. Looking good while getting pwned in vintage 80’s fashion at Button Mash.

Time Travel Mart I echo Park Iechopark Ashley Bard Arielle Paul

Traveling back in time 60s style at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart.



Arielle takes in rays in faux fur at the Echo Park Wood Shop. Ashley and Arielle discover their dark side at Memento Mori in a vintage 70s dress and 80s Betsey Johnson dress. Ashley rocks vintage 80s garbs at PWNshop.



Ashley picks flowers at Cookbook and juxtaposes black with the colorful blooms. Ashley and Arielle in patterned, colorful kimonos along the Dream and Destroy mural. Arielle channels her best Carmen San Diego on Echo Park Ave.


mermaid small


Echo Park’s resident mermaid, Arielle Paul, in a vintage 1960s dress and lace up boots.



Arielle and Ashley found some unique and fabulous threads and Spacedust.




Ashley amongst the spring blooms in a plaid Madewell shirt and a black slip skirt.