Posted April 12th, 2016


One of the things I love most about Echo Park are the unique, specialty shops with uncanny attention to detail. These sorts of businesses – think Memento Mori or Ballard’s – create a transportive world definitive of their respective themes. Gentlemen’s Breakfast, specializing in vintage eyeglasses, sunglasses, repairs, and various gentlemanly accessories, is another perfect example of this.

I accompanied my husband Dan Gross as he searched for the perfect pair of new sunglasses, and ended up scoring my own vintage Bausch & Lomb Cat Eye reading glasses for my tired, blogger eyes. These babies were apparently used as safety glasses in the 1960s. My choice was immediate love at first sight. Dan’s, however, was fraught with tedious decision making requiring a photoshoot, scotch (ok I had one too) and a pipe break.


Dan models various glasses with scotch and style

After much thought, many glasses, booze and butterscotch candies (there’s a serious theme here), he decided on the gorgeous brow line Persol Supremas. These are limited edition specs with gradient lenses, made from Italian mineral crystal. They were crafted en homage to the vintage heritage of the brand, and they don’t disappoint. Many thanks to owner, optician and spectacle conosuir, Van de la Plante, for his hospitality and guidance in choosing our glasses. This is a spec-tacular shop for both men and women with a retrofitted spirit and a love for quality, vintage glasses.


|| 1101 Mohawk St Echo Park, CA 90026 ||

|| (323) 306-6766 ||

Tues-Sat: 12pm-7pm
Sun: 12pm- 6pm
Mon: Closed