In honor of this month’s Small Business Saturday, we asked Echo Park business owners and managers what their favorite local spots are in the neighborhood. For some, the answer was an easy pick; for others, one choice was simply impossible. In either case, the mutual love and admiration our Echo Park businesses have for one another is refreshing, inspiring and for us, the reason why this is the best neighborhood in Los Angeles.


Studio Number One’s Obey Giant Supervising Director, Victoria Yarnish

Echo Park Pick: Kush

“A favorite spot for the people who work in our building 1331 W. Sunset – consisting of art gallery Subliminal Projects, creative agency Studio Number One, and Obey Giant Art studio is Kush. They have $2 beer at happy hour, pair that with some tempura avocado and what else could you ask for?!  They were also nice enough to host a recent employee happy hour we did there and it was so much fun and SO much food!”



I, Echo Park Co-Founder, Arielle Paul

Echo Park Picks: Memento Mori & the Sunset Beer Co.

Memento Mori is beyond just a shop, it’s a magical world! Owners Deirdre and Brad Hartman have created a space with mysterious objects that inspire the creative senses. My favorite purchase is a gold plated mongoose jaw that is beautiful, edgy and delicate.

My husband and I frequent the Sunset Beer Co. on pretty much a daily basis. Their beer selection is top notch as are their prices. Though we usually just bring beers home, we’ve also hosted parties there and love the warm, homey feel inside.”



Ballard’s Artwork Framing owner, Aaron Ballard

Echo Park Picks: Masa and the Park

Ballard’s: “That is a super hard question! Masa is the most community restaurant in Echo Park and I love Rob and Rhonda. Our shop has triumphantly savored the California deep dish pizza quite often over the last 6 years.

Then there is the blessed Park.  So many wonderful Wednesday burger nights there. I usually get the beef burger, but the turkey and veggie burgers are excellent.  Their fries are ridiculously good and  I love the servers and hosts.”




Masa of Echo Park owner, Rhonda Reynolds

Echo Park Picks: BlueCollar Working Dog and  Mowhawk Alley Animal Hospital

Rob and I have 3 dog “children” and we just love Barry & Michelle and the whole crew at BlueCollar for all of our doggie related needs. Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital is best animal hospital ever. Dr. Michelle Zoryan is a tremendous vet and so kind and generous. I can’t say enough good things about BlueCollar and Mohawk Alley – they are treasured resources in Echo Park for anyone who loves animals as much as we do!



I, Echo Park Co-Founder, Ashley Bard

Echo Park Picks: Ballad’s Artwork Framing and The Park

“I’m always looking for new places to inspire my home, and Ballards Artwork Framing shop does just that. Aaron is not only one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but he does amazing work that really brings your art to life. I also love digging through the $5 frame section, which inevitably leads me to my next DIY project.

The Park has such a great local, community vibe and feels more like a second home than a restaurant. The seasonal menu is diverse, fairly priced and delicious, to say the least. Oh, and their Wednesday burger nights are an absolute must!”



Owner and Chef of The Park Restaurant, Josh Siegel

Echo Park Picks: Stories Books and Cafe

“My favorite retail store in the neighborhood is Stories Books and Cafe.  Great spot for cards and they always have the books I want on the shelves.”



Memento Mori owners,  Brad and Deirdre Hartman

Echo Park Picks: Mohawk Bend and Taix

Memento Mori: Mohawk Bend has a really good, affordable menu, great beer and service! Taix has very good food but you go for the ambiance. It’s beautiful inside!”





Bedrock LA owner and Echo Park Chamber of Commerce President, KamranV

Echo Park Picks: The Holloway, Ostrich Farm and Masa

The Holloway has an insanely good burger. Get it with an egg. Ostrich Farm is gourmet without the gourmet prices. Masa is just the anchor of the neighborhood… and that bread. The bread!


Bedrock LA General Manager, Ben Reddell

Echo Park Pick: Little Joy

“I would have to say my favorite bar is Little Joy. Super good vibes and great music.  I like American beers that don’t taste like I’m sucking on a pine cone. Little joy has both Bud and Bud light in the bottle which rules!”



Echo Park Wood Shop owner, Chris Wessman

Pick: The Holloway

Echo Park Woodshop: “It’s convenient! AND the food they serve there is quite good! Simple menu but done WELL! They even have vegetarian options. On the weekends the Holloway open at 10am serving breakfast and $4 Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. Great selection in the jukebox ranging from Slayer and Minor Threat to some good jazz. All of this with a shuffleboard table makes for a good time at this local establishment. Kudos to Joaquin and Don for this.”



Support Echo Park’s one-of-a-kind businesses and shop local. “Small Business Saturday” is November 28th and if you have an American Express card and sign up online, you can get cash rewards at participating businesses.