If you have eyes to see them, the willingness to dig and the patience to rebuild, you will find, scattered along the curbs in Echo Park’s labyrinth of historic homes, bungalows and shops, a plethora of unwanted treasures begging for a new life.

We now live in a time and culture where the resurgence of Do It Yourself is deemed progressive, even cool with the popularization of Pinterest, Etsy, the DIY Network, etc. That which is old and bedraggled can be newly appreciated as vintage or historic. And as individuals strive to define themselves, their abilities and sense of autonomy amidst the limitations of economic hardship, there is a strength and solace found in fending for themselves in new and creative ways.


For these reasons amongst many others, we are devoted DIY enthusiasts. Whether sanded and stained, reupholstered, painted or completely restructured, much of the furniture and accoutrements you will find in our homes are repurposed street finds. This is the case with many Echo Park locals who’ve staunchly embraced the fitting albeit cliched aphorism, from trash to treasure.

One such treasure we discovered was nuzzled in the Crosby Pl. alleyway — a wooden crate with round metal holders seemingly predestined to harbor planting pots. With a little sanding, a vibrant paintjob and scavenged pots, it presented itself as the perfect starting point to create a floating herb garden. So that’s exactly what we created here, step by step, culminated with a scrumptious snack and spirit prepared with fresh herbs from our garden and other local ingredients.]

The Finds and Scavengerscollage-for-pageThe Components


The Steps



After the paint dried, we placed the metal pot holders back on in a new arrangement that worked well with our various sized pots and herbs. Secure the pots in the holders and voila, we have our finished floating herb garden! 



Scrumptious Snack and Spirit



After a hard day’s work, we rewarded ourselves with the fruits of our own labor. Namely, we used our basil, sage, rosemary and thyme with olive tapenade by Brother’s Products and a fresh baguette from Cookbook Los Angeles to create a delicious crostini hors d’oeuvres.


Then we refreshed ourselves with a mojito muddled with the garden’s mint. All in all, a lovely way to end a sweltering day in the Echo Park sun.