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We both have extensive joint backgrounds in traveling, blogging, journalism, photography, social media marketing, graphic design and public relations. Follow us as we uncover cool, local and unique destinations around the world, in style.


DSC_0253Arielle Paul is a native Angeleno and Echo Park-based writer, musician, mischief maker and creative jack-of-all-trades. She is the creative director for Social Bard Marketing founded by blog partner, Ashley Bard.

As a singer and songwriter, Arielle’s lyrics, melodies and voice have graced the silver screen on shows such as Mind of Mencia, Drunk History and Ghost Ghirls, as well as on commercials for Amazon Prime, Glico, Kirin and Hairtoxic. She has also been a contributing writer for the online publication, the Rebelle Society.

A UC Berkeley graduate and self-proclaimed renaissance woman, this DIY junkie and AirBnB entrepreneur is known to spontaneously venture new pastures in her self-renovated 1962 Scotsman trailer with her husband, composer Dan Gross. She also loves backpacking, hiking and vegetarian cooking and is an active supporter of environmental issues.  For more information on Arielle, visit her website.



Ashley is a Boston native, social media guru, entrepreneur and a jack of all trades. In 2001, she became the creative director of the worldwide music publication She now runs her own digital marketing company appropriately named, Social Bard.

Among her many clients, Ashley has rebranded Area Four, one of the top pizza restaurants in the United States favored by President Obama himself. Her work has been quoted on and the Boston Globe.

Outside of work, you’ll find Ashley sipping iced coffee at cafes, jet-setting to new places, perusing vintage shops for one-of-a-kind pieces and hiking.

For more information, visit her website.